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R4 499.00

Bronze Pack

  • 3 Pages
  • General Design
  • Express Website
R10 199.99

Gold Pack

  • 8 Pages
  • 2*5 Photo Gallery
  • 1 C M S

    Bronze Pack

    With the Bronze package you can be a proud owner of a website quickly on a low budget, for individuals expecting low traffic.

    Silver Pack

    The Silver package is fully loaded with common features, and is preferred by most of our clients.

    Gold Pack

    The Gold shines brighter in its Class with capabilities that will make competitors envy you.

At Shawod we believe that projects simply can not be shoehorned into a pre-made package with a set of budget, that is why all our Packages are fully customizable.

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Join the Big League

Owning one of these Premium packages means you never have to worry about traffic crashing your Website, Storage, and online Security threats.

R17 850.00


  • 10 Pages
  • Dulux Hosting
  • 5 Free Emails Account
  • 15 Photo Gallery
R23 000.00


  • 15 Pages
  • 25 Photo Gallery
  • 15 Free Emails Account
  • Animations
R26 500.00


  • 20 Pages
  • Premium Hosting
  • Professional S.E.O
  • Animations

These high-end websites are highly appreciated by large corporations and highly trafficked websites alike, get one and be part of the Shawod elite members.

At Shawod we do not beat around the bush, as soon as your content is received and approved we get on your project. Our easy-to-use Clients portal allows you to view your project real-time. With preset optimizations exclusive to Shawod we do these following 3 steps to finish off your project.
Steps are as follow;


We design according to your specifications, Add appealing features, Blend the website with your business look. Also adding morden touches.


This is where the magic happens, where our secret recipe is inserted. We make your website user friendly, optimize speed and add (obviously) your content.


Now that we have done coding your website, we upload it online, test for possible errors and get it ready for Launch. Voila you're up and running.