Consider this a Shawod tutorial on how to get the best website without getting stuck on the 'Geeky' words that may appear along the way, although we always try by all means to avoid them but sometimes you just have to be precise.


Content Management System (CMS) - Administration panel where you get to modify the content of the website.

Traffic - The amount of hits your website gets.

S.E.O - Search Engine Optimization, allows search engines like Google to list your website.

Duluxe host - Our package that stores your website, and handles traffic.

Content - Information you want to add on your website e.g. text and images.

Let's get started

Assuming you have an idea (and content, ofcourse.) and want to put it online, then follow these easy steps.


Step 1 - Gather your Content

Firstly you will need to gather all the content you want to be on your website like the images, texts, disclaimer, your company's description etc...
To get practical we will need to use an example, let's say for example you own a Lodge and want a website for it.

Your Lodge wants to keep the current clients, reach more people and also attract tourists alike and in this Day in age -where people are always glued to their smartphones and turn to search engines for advices- Billboards and Flyers are just not as effective as before.

Now you are not sure about how many people (Traffic) are going to visit your website but since you also want to be on the first page on Google you can expect a lot You want your clients to see the pictures of your rooms maybe have a Gallery of 10 pictures with a little of description below your pictures, and have a homepage with a slide of 3 photos, also have a page where your clients can fill a 'contact us' form, remember you will also need a Content Management System (CMS) to see these messages.

To edit some of your content from time to time you will need a CMS for each additional page, now let's say you want to edit the Homepage, Photo Gallery and the Disclaimer, that's 3 additional CMS.

Now that you have prioritized the core pages of your business, let's add other typical pages of a website like the About us, Disclaimer and Terms of Use/Policy Page, making it 3 Additional Pages.

To ice the cake we will add webmail addresses to complement our website, e.g. [email protected]

In Total we need -:

Traffic - Duluxe host.

Google - Ultimate S.E.O.

10 Pictures - 2*5 Photo Gallery

Form - 1 Form

CMS - 4 Content Management System

Number of pages - 6 pages

Email - 1*5 webmail

If you think this CMS process might puzzle you can skip it and on our clients portal you can let us know of any changes you need at a low rate.
Now that you know exactly what you need you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2 - Go to Packages.

Our Packages include a free domain and 1 month hosting. If you (your Lodge) have either of the following -:Domain, Hosting or S.E.O go to websites instead of packages

Silver Pack will suite The Lodge.

Select the package of your Choice, and click 'Configure'

Additional features are also needed.

View included items, and add more if necessary.

View your items & Make changes if necessary.

The table shows all the items you have selected.

Fill in your details and submit.

Brief us about your project, submit and wait for a referrence.

Now that you have this information you can also refer to How it works and the frequently asked questions for more clarity or Start Chating to us now about your project.

**Prices are for illustration purposes only, and may vary.